CIRCLES OF FIRE: anarchist faith

wax melds with gasoline—my powers grow as i clear out the mental debris… wicks made from lint and steel threads—channel electricity and awaken the dead…fire can heal but it can also destroy—we craft our life cult with love and with joy…in the flames i see such potent visions—fractal fantasies and cosmic missions…we share this practice with our movement of resistance—the beauty of the flame is a weapon against this system… we are so atomized and so alienated—coping with mental health struggles and feeling devastated…when we gather with our fires we feel our humanity renewed—we connect to the most basic power our species has long needed to use….we will build temples and mosques, synagogues and churches—they will all learn to build our fires and channel all of the higher karmic forces…circles of fire manifest like sculptures made of fine metal—the circle grows wider covering our world and learning where to settle… the circle is mine and yours at the same time—it is a ritual power so potent that it exposes systemic crime…meld your power with the circles of fire—and feel your energy reach deep within and extend far outside…the fire calms my mind when i am racing at light speed—it gives a focus for meditation and meets a spiritual need…fire moves to the rhythm of the music and obeys my telepathic demands—deep inside every circle of fire lies a divine spark patrolling the fire-repellant sand…we revolt and rebel striking fear into the hearts of tyrants—but we must take care of one another to ward off the system’s virus…fire is a tool, a medium, and a living force—unleash her power and feel your mind filled with karmic joy

–BYPO PHOENIX c)2018 >>> the beautiful second image is by Favianna Rodriguez: @favianna


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