Exuding titanic strength

Through a veil of crimson lace

We create our fates

Crafting a newrising faith


You are sinuous masculinity

Projecting tantric virility

This is a fulcrum of possibility

A dance with divinity


Gender binaries implode

Sex presence explodes

I taste the fire of your soul

You help me feel whole


Man-child of Prometheus

You carry his gift of fire

Projecting this Titan’s mystery

Exploding with exponential desire


We recover from addictions

Conjuring sacred vision

This is a prophetic mission

An experiment in science fiction


Your energy is psychokinetic

Your vibrations tectonic

Removing shackles of our past

Redefining the erotic


This is deeply rooted fantasy

Imagining ancient tantric mythology

We reconstruct anthropology

Seeking the erotic core of prophecy


You are an icon of fortitude

Radiating humble confidence

I long to feel you move

To amplify the magic that ensues


Vulnerability is power

Fueling connection and intimacy

You inspire me to create

To reimagine our karmic reality

Model: @moiloh on IG, @moiloh_16 on twitter; Lingerie: @JuanOyervides for @ProteoMX on IG


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