i am a fractal infecting the matrix—a reborn intifada uprooting the empire’s military bases…from the sands of the desert where divinity recreates us—we craft a reborn faith whose zeitgeist can sustain us…we need a holy war to uproot this toxic fascist order—a jihad of epic proportions to ensure our people aren’t destroyed…our manic minds imagine a mosque of brick and mortar—one that downloads new prophecies from interstellar signals refracting through our cylon portals…

my mind is conducting its own introspective EEG—quantifying the electricity generated by my neurochemistry…I feel the energy and power of holy muslim prophesies—I want to make my own pilgrimage to see if mecca can accept a proud queer…brother phoenix jagged edge undertook the conversion–finding a faith to keep flair and resistance in motion…rituals of sacred prayer and intentional meditation–they imbue this ancient faith as it navigates and changes direction…

i strive to harness my powers and sync with the moon and sun—what i crave is a serenely sustainable manic equilibrium…the power to still the waters of time inviting revolutionary angels to come—the power to read your mind when our intertwining souls become one…the science of evolution fuses with the infinite brilliance of creation—our minds are in constant motion transcribing the future of evolution…Sufi mystics reinterpret the kaballah crafting mystical religion—agents of karma mass produce new organizers building for a triumphant revolution…

our caliph to come might be a black trans diva–providing spiritual guidance to an army of vishnus and shivas…allowing decentralized social reconstruction to move forward unimpeded–while keeping alive the divergent faith traditions that have interbred and recongealed…my god is the big bang better known as ALLAH—the prophet muhammed brought cosmic truth, radiant love, and a divine revolutionary spark…we build a caliphate to replace a system that is tearing our planet apart—we destroy and rebuild crafting a new world in our hearts

lead image is art by HOMO RIOT >> @homoriot



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