this is a new breed of poem

a hybrid-a cylon-a mutating fractal

these are verses for the age of cyberpunk dystopia

windows into the inner workings of our minds

evolving exponentially to give us some faint hope of overthrowing the rising global fascist order

i have seen visions both profound and visceral

i have felt divine energy surging through my cortex inspired by my pyromanic rituals

i have had to learn to say no to my visions and voices—to recognize their power but choose to remain grounded in the moment

insight becomes foresight while hindsight is internalized

dopamine claims our minds in the depths of the night leaving logic and reason to trail far behind

we don’t know all of the contours of the path we must take but we have faith in our collective genius

i ramble and digress because it is so hard to keep this manic spirit focused—gliding in a state of manic zen—not flying into psychosis

presence is the essence—the spiritual core of our resistance—building survivors out of victims and conjuring the power to transform this system

its so bright tonight—under the gaze of starlight

righting wrongs and doing right–imagining vistas of pixies with their seductive might

my magical fire is gestating nascent godlings deep inside

vanquishing shame and transforming pride–leaving the residue of toxic emotions far behind

our pop divas are alchemists exploring cosmic themes to transcendent beats

the rhythms of transformation pulsate all around us churning fires that burn deep

stop thinking and start blinking—sending dopamine flowing through your nervous system

we are crafting a new religion where grounded roots meld with supernatural visions

this is a dopamine clinic—an experiment in achieving the orgasmic

fueling corporeal contractions and attenuated extensions-forging a psycho-spiritual power that will become potent and massive

this is a dopamine clinic–transfusing your frontal lobes with cosmic energy

I will seduce your mind with my dance as we move our world toward its sacred date with destiny

the lead image is by SLAVA MOGUTIN >> on IG @slavamogutin

the second is from @kingstephon_ on IG



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