layers of truth emerge in our minds where they refract and manifest—we are watching new dimensions come into being, metamorph, and coalesce…our psychic strength is evolving in synchronicity with our grounding intentional breath…we must be still and hone our powers to have a prayer of uprooting this cult of death…

my manic mind seeks cosmic meaning in every glance and every stare—i strive to be composed, resilient, and supremely self aware…seven angels slaughter seven demons in this postmodern testament we craft for our forebears—the final conquest of toxic relations is the destiny towards which we aspire through collective care…

we arise free to be our dopest and most gorgeous selves—the power of wakanda is recombined with the majestic sorcery of the elves…we unearth emotional labyrinths that lacerate and torment our mental health—we conjure a reborn world where life and love have triumphed over hoarded wealth…

reciprocity and mutuality are our species’ divine destiny—there is immense power in symbiotic practice and relational intentionality…we burn sacred fires to commune with the stars imagining karmic power in emotional intimacy—we are fractals of the world we can become, though our insurgency is in its infancy…mountains pregnant with crystal feed infinite flowing rivers of gold—our vast multitude of sacred symbols are inscribed, tattooed, and transposed…we live to build community that transforms what we believe and know—deep inside our mitochondrial dna lie mutating stories yearning to unfold…

freedom is liberating, nourishing, and exponentially visceral—we rise up to challenge a system predicated on massive human misery…revolutionary metamorphosis channels our global energy into potent synergy—trans and queer, black and white, our matrix of interconnections evolves from within expanding exponentially…i watched the towers and castles of westeros arising in exquisite synergy from the detritus of my yard—i watched the light striking snowflakes manifest as comets or shooting stars…we receive messages from distant galaxies as our ancestors heard drums from afar—we are emergent mutations seeking liberation with a new world growing within our hearts

lead visual by @Sol.Dragon >> second image is by @slavamogutin


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