Refracting through my month of visions has been a vast pyramid with a maze underneath—its enclaves house nascent spirits arising from the magical deep…I am a disciple of emergent strategy as I have become a disciple of sleep—I recruit an army of freedom fighters to evict our rulers from their ruthlessly despotic keep

We cannot live as if the fate of humanity rests on our shoulders alone—this is a recipe for cycles of depression and for each moment of friction to cut to the bone….we must prefigure grand visions in intentional gestures, sowing seeds destined to grow—we must envision our relationships as fractals where the small is a mirror of the whole

We fuse the best of divergent spiritual traditions to forge chain mail that can protect—we are rising against a fascist world order aptly described as the cult of death…we can throw our bodies at the machine until we have nothing left—or we can imagine ways to sustain ourselves as this toxic system draws its last breaths

If you believe that we can change the future then join me in the effort to try—confusion gives birth to illusion leaving a haze of blood before our eyes…its time for new ideas to germinate and for a new praxis to arise—we can transform our imperiled world by harnessing the powers impregnated within our minds

I am a reincarnated Judas here to recruit my own disciples—I have done penance for my treachery and am learning to aim a lethal rifle…we are rewriting ancient parables seeking a transcendental life force—the power of love expands exponentially arming a global anarchist strike force

I am rolling deep with the red mafia: rising to seize my crown–we rule the streets the cops police with a radical underground…its time to nurture relationships and to live out and proud–our army of diva trans women is conspiring to shut the system down

The pyramid in my visions is analogous to the recurring image of a potent world tree—the lower world is the roots and the trunk is the world our eyes can see…the upper world is the branches where sacred spirits live wild and free—we are one and we are evolving: bringing new possibilities into being



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