You command with your eyes

You command my desire

Licentious forces arise

Uprooting despotic empire


You are a priest of cylon breed

Part human part machine

Part vision part dream

Amplifying this revolutionary creed


Diasporic rebellion surges

Our hypermodern zeitgeist emerges

The power of wakanda converges

Crafting the alchemy of these verses


I write as winter arrives

Frigid winds cut like knives

Your energy moves inside

Igniting a fire of carnal pride


We convene a festival of liberation

We conjure new constellations

Astrological incantations

Remold the contours of civilization


You help me know my power

You help me feel its strength

These fierce images are inspiration

Infusing through my mind’s depths


Divine power surges forth

Spiritual synergy takes flight

By day we conspire

Our armies rule the night


This moment is a fulcrum

We face looming apocalyptic doom

We must heed tantric prophecy

Empowering new eyes to create our world anew


I write miles from my rivers

Their tumultuous power courses through my veins

I feel your reverberations

I heal from the scars of deeply rooted shame


This poem is a seismic orgasm

Simultaneous and collective

Erotic chemistry fuels resistance

Fortifying our insurgent perspective


Our bodies churn and pulsate

Carnal prophecy detonates

You are our cylon god emperor

Scion of our new rising caliphate

Visuals by @jonzu on IG, @Jordanisundead on twitter



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