pleasure is so DAMN powerful…it arms us to sustain ourselves in resilience and to resist acquiescing to systemic oppression–we aspire to liberation and seek truth in divine lessons…we aspire to build fortresses of healing across our polarized nation…when i see a body, mind, and spirit to lust for, all of my neurochemistry goes wild–i yearn to make the most of each connection however fleeting…to find a moment beyond time or a transcendent merging of souls…orgasmic power escalates as we learn to control our tantric pelvic power and meld energies with our partners…to be honest, i should admit that my cruising confidence has been pretty astronomical ever since i bonded with my pixie angel…the consistency of a potent and magical polyamorous partnership has galvanized my senses and opened doors for cosmic exploration…hedonism has its place–but the social, political, and emotional power of the erotic is fucking VOLCANIC…take time to visualize energy during intimacy–synchronize your breathing–make it a dance…help us decriminalize sex work and let us learn from the wisdom of our trans women geisha who need all of our love and support…i see you seeing me living my best life…is it providence or coincidence that i see your grooving hips and lush full lips…this is erotic REVELATION transpiring in my mind–lets find the sacred place where sex and spirit intertwine

the first image is by @slavamogutin >> his work is brilliant! follow on IG

the second image is king stephon >> on IG at @kingstephon_



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