the buddhist teacher tich nhat hanh taught me to see that we are like clouds–forever evolving and changing from one state to another…always becoming but never, ever, simply becoming nothing…i am filled with exuberance in this moment, witnessing the deepening roots of recovery in my life–witnessing the sacred inspiration into which i align…we must be like our ancestors determining which of the weeds we see in abundance can be cultivated as crops that will nourish our souls…we must imagine what it was like at first for humankind to deploy empathy and generosity to domesticate beasts of the wild…i witness the joyous interplay of insects in flight–darting rapidly, fired by intense almost digitized instinct…i witness the hunt of a predator for her prey–in many ways an intrinsic fragment of nature’s dance…the sun powers a steady fusillade of visions meeting my mind’s eye–waves of clouds interweave and refract as a cosmically magnificent tapestry…i am becoming water–i am becoming the roots of a tree…i am becoming joy and i feel permeated by spiritual power and sacred energy

second image is of the Sun Dragon, Sol Esperanza Roja



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