three sensuous bodies: three celestial auras–we aspire to cosmic connection to honor the rebels who came before us…we crave dance floors so fierce that the reigning divas will come to adore us–we crave intimacy and emotional resonance over the addictive forces that long to control us…this is the energy of black power reborn through a dope monster queer matrix–we discard anti-black stigma and the toxicity of fetishization…white supremacy permeates our culture and it takes intentionality to avoid its proliferation–we must confront the demons within each of our hearts that are symptomatic of systemic indoctrination…we rise and fly in search of a collective love that mirrors our nascent pride–we dream of finding sacred power burning fiercely deep inside…this trifecta captures my passion, my body, and my mind–prophetic forces writhe within as this trifecta intertwines and meets my eyes

Photos are courtesy of King Stephon >> on IG: @kingstephon_



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