Your beauty submerged in a cobalt sea

Rivers converge channeling karmic chemistry

You are a muse for the magic of sacred artistry

You inspire visions of liberation reverberating orgasmically


The water churns in turquoise and gold

The sun’s light reflects urging my spirit to grow bold

We conspire to rise up for this system’s overthrow

We channel the electric power of god pantheons of old


These images conjure my verse and make me yearn for connection

We must hone our erotic powers as we build our queer resurrection

This is a vortex and a wormhole—a potent cosmic inception

We arm our acolytes to rise up—for emancipation and tantric insurrection


Your face emerges from the water conveying a humble bliss

I long to see you writhe—to witness your lover’s kiss

Tantric synergy is part of of our arsenal as we rise and resist

Sex presence animates my soul as i imagine myself in your midst


We return to the ocean branded in cobalt blue

Clouds swarm and transform reflecting this potent hue

This is a moment to recharge, sink roots, and renew

We ignite the tantric psychic power of our cyberpunk troops

Both Images are by gato >> @sateando on IG or twitter



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