Your body pulsates with sacred erotic energy

You amplify sex presence—you amplify synergy

Churning deep within your torso lies potent carnal chemistry

Your succulent tantalizing curves are works of divine artistry


I imagine a cornucopia: your body carnal corpulent

I imagine touching your flesh and feeling your aura virile and resonant

We must uproot toxic standards of beauty yearning for transformative medicine

Your presence weathers storms of turbulence becoming the core of our armament 


The tissue of our brains is not alone in shaping our cognitive capacity

There is neural tissue welded to our hearts and to our stomach’s engines of alchemy

These multiple nodes of intelligence operate as a dialectic in synchronicity

The majestic curves of your abdomen connect with this inner mind of lust and carnality


This psychic energy swirls and eddies manifesting in your gaze

Your eyes are inviting and powerful–blessed by sacred grace

Your being surges with emotion crafting a psychedelic purple haze

Your eyes penetrate toxic miasmas finding a way out of the system’s maze


We conjure sensual rites and rituals with visceral and powerful emanations

Your sexual energy is an inspiration—feeding the fires of imagination

Carnal corpulent you make me whole as I imagine our phalanxes of emancipation

Carnal corpulent you break the mold offering a vision of erotic liberation


Images are by @sorrydad22 on IG



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