The lock at your neck holds the key to your heart

The key to your branding—the key to these marks

The intensity of your eyes inspires the deepest seas to part

Our sex presence transcends gender making desire a sacred art


Your fire rises from within like a divine emanation

You are a vessel of flowing color and of incarnate imagination

We build a new world in our hearts—a world of liberation

We craft a zeitgeist that transcends—a spirit of sublime revelation


You wear this femme finery like a regal accessory

You channel the erotic with every breath you breathe

Your tattoos are inspiration in their luminous intricacy

Your body is a canvas embodying sacred tantric prophecy


Your chest is animated by vibrations of erotic insurrection

You are bold and beautiful—you are crimson karmic inception

We dismantle the gender binary—learning the contours of resurrection

We shred the mendacity of this system with its webs of mass deception


You are a gender savage—a sacred beast of desire

Clad in lace or in iron your virile spirit rewires

We reinvent masculinity when we let ourselves cry

When we give voice to pain and vulnerability buried deep inside


There is fiction in truth just as there is truth in fiction

We rewrite our gender narrative hoping for this system’s demolition

This is an orgasmic manifesto—a succulent apocryphal religion

The synergy of these prophetic tattoos conjures ecstatic transcendent visions

Model is @fkfbrkln on IG >> @inkedbrln on twitter >> bottom photo is by @JuanOyervides



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