A storm is coming together—a storm of emancipation

We will break the interlocking chains of oppression and exploitation

You lend your oceanic power to this atmospheric reverberation

From frigid deep blue depths arises an armada of liberation


Your energy is supersonic—hypnotic and erotic

Your torso summons a force both seismic and tectonic

This system is not so fortified that we lack the strength to stop it

Tendrils of social movements interweave utterly dope and jaw dropping


You animate and ideate crafting your own sacred fate

You ignite a firestorm of karma flowing from the psychic plane

Your eyes dilate and devastate–they vibrate and penetrate

We build a rising caliphate to conquer trauma and conquer hate


We inspire our minds with the sacred nectar of imagination

We eschew drugs of abuse imbibing kombucha libations

Your eyes are magic portals in our rites of divination

We build an anti-colonial renaissance—an indigenous restoration


Your sinuous sex presence is visceral, succulent, and raw

It resonates through the oceans filling our water nymphs with awe

Facing strategic resistance the juggernaut of this system can only crawl

Our erotic insurrection strikes fear in the fragile psyche of the bourgeois


You are a fulcrum of possibility–you are an agent of karma

Eyes of turquoise and magenta conjure an African madonna

Your beauty is majesty—it is luminous and potent garnet

You are god of the deep seas—you are Poseidon incarnate

Images are of Sam Noriega >> @samgtsfit on IG >> Photos are by Luis Rafael >> @luisrafaelofficial on IG



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