Armies of men cohere once again

We will fight to the end—we are lovers and friends

Turbines and pistons move our revolutionary engines

They pulsate to the rhythm of your tantric commands


The fire in your eye is subtle and sacred

We prepare to reclaim all that has been taken

We aspire for evolution—for social transformation

This is an anthem of emancipation and collective liberation


You lead our battalions: brave and erotic

Your sex is bulletproof—it is never stopping

Your fire is hypnotic—fierce and tectonic

We claim the night clad in leather—fierce and jaw dropping


A storm is coming: kinetic and feral

This tsunami could destroy a world in peril

We conjure spiritual sexuality like a magic retroviral

Textures and hues interact crafting a technicolor mural


Our bulletproof sex is a sacred symphony

We dance and we fuck—we pause and we breathe

You show us light and direction—inspiring erotic fantasy

This is a cosmic revelation emerging through its infancy


We are fractals in the firmament creating epic structures

We interweave like the roots of trees or like sinuous muscle

The mathematics of this moment are a seismic rupture

This is transcendent cosmic sex for a bold cosmic conjecture


Your rock hard body conjures a flood of imagination

You move and you groove crafting inspiration

Our bulletproof army becomes empire’s obliteration

With bulletproof sex we conjure universal liberation

Visuals are by @armyofmenco on IG >> model: @josemoralesoff on IG >> photos: @rafandway



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