Your body is an epic canvas intricately woven with tattoos

Your energy surges from within—reverberating in all you do

Your silhouette carves  through darkness—transfixing all in the room

We will dance to hard house anthems—getting so deeply into the groove


Your ink evokes blood memories of sacred magic and spiritual solutions

We live on a perilous precipice between apocalypse and revolution

We must harness the power of pleasure as a potent vector of evolution

We seek knowledge in this corporeal landscape to counter a maelstrom of confusion


The contours of your seductive frame are accentuated by this sinuous ink

Your sex presence surges exponentially conjuring adventures in leather and kink

You leave me with new questions to answer—with outworn paradigms to rethink

Our spirit angels summon a global uprising emblazoned in scarlet and fluorescent pink


Your riveting branded torso brings forth joy and karmic resurrection

We find power in solidarity and in the full spectrum of human connections

Your body is covered in sacred talismans providing spiritual protection

We imagine the power of the erotic to inspire a luscious insurrection


This harness magnifies your power—branding your torso in the erotic

Fractals interacting in your psyche are both fierce and intensely chaotic

This is an antidote to apocalypse—a transfusion of the psychotropic

We imagine a world of liberation with its beauty technicolor and kaleidoscopic


Visuals are used courtesy of Army of Men: @armyofmenco on IG >> model: @fkfbrln on IG >> photos: @rafandway1 on IG



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