The presence of fractals

Demands infinite respect

I infer and extrapolate

I bow and genuflect


This is a gate of the sacred

A gate of the divine

A gate for ancient goddesses

Who fuck and intertwine


Just hold my hand

Get ready to jump

The dance floor is fierce

The beats dope and krunk


These lights are scintillating

Animating our pulsating dance

We grind and throb to the rhythm

We submit to a gripping psychic trance


Light penetrates dark matter

It pierces and fills the space

We build a foundation for a new order

We conjure a world of love and grace


This crystal gate summons power

Our spirit bodies writhe and arise

We build its capacity with orogeny

We summon a sacred karmic fire

Visuals by Brian C. Fields >> @bfieldsnc on twitter



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