You project and command with fire in your eyes

Your energy is psychotropic—raw dopamine in disguise

Orgasmic rivers converge in the matrix of your mind

Aquatic power reverberates when your lovers intertwine


This principality is an experiment in radical imagination

We craft sacred orgies fueled by tantric emanations

This space transcends—it is erotic emancipation

We conjure zygotes of pyrrhic fire and sacred revelation


This is your fief and your fortress—it is your sacred temple

Your powers are fractals—both complex and simple

I imagine transformation in a wave or subtle ripple

I see my creative power grow with you as my mirror


This is magical synergy and spiritual transfusion

We burn fires of resistance yearning for revolution

Your psyche charts a path—diffusing mass confusion

These are verses of the erotic and prayers for evolution


You rule this orgasmic principality with amazing grace

We must hone our psychic powers or our people will be erased

We yearn for liberation—for this torturous system to be replaced

Power to transcend apocalypse rises from the contours of your face

Visuals are by @jonzu on IG >> @Jordanisundead on twitter



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