This is a reflection on your chemistry

A reflection on your artistry

The potency of this erotic ministry

Generates a flood of sexual alchemy


Your bodies radiate and your minds captivate

Orgasmic chemistry emerges—it builds and dominates

This synergy crafts power to inspire and orchestrate

Our army of rebel godlings arises to conquer hate


This is a meditation on space—a meditation on time

A confluence of the sacred and debauchery divine

Our Cylon battalions arrive at the scene of the crime

Reconfiguring the matrix with the contours of our minds


The structure of these images is created by the sun

Light permeating boundaries as two become one

This is a hard house anthem punctuated by erotic drums

It is rhythmic erotic pulsation firing like an automatic gun


This debauchery divine opens my third eye

Cosmic powers realign within our hybrid minds

Sinuous bodies describe an explosion of sacred fire

We rewire and conspire to amplify the power of desire

Images by @Jonzu & @ZacharyZane_ on IG >> @Jordanisundead on twitter >> photos by @ramuelgalarza



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