Shockwaves of the diaspora reverberate from the crucible of the South Bronx

Shockwaves of sacred synergy permeate the colors and textures of your creations


You are a sorceress of karmic chemistry—a mistress of blood memory

You channel ancestral power into vibrant accents and manifestations of the divine


The boombox that animated the dawn of hip hop becomes a regal accessory

The sacred eye of destiny reflects radiant light—yearning for a path through apocalypse


I imagine the epic contortions of breakdancers defying gravity and inventing a new art form

I imagine murals of percussive graffiti exploding as a language of self-assertion and rebellion


These powerful emblems are conduits for our spirit animals

They are raw material for shadow workers and practitioners of snake magic


These creations are works of genius—simultaneously ancestral and profoundly visionary

They are dope—they are sacred—and they are fly

Images are by Naiiima Lovechild >. @NaiimaLove on IG or twitter



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