We rebel against an order headed for self destruction

We shed shards of ideologies that serve no useful function

Your power is your fire—your vortex of seduction

There is so much to admire—so much to get a rush from


Tattoos brand your body—fierce and iconoclastic

Sinuous ink and sinuous muscle project power orgasmic

Leather straps adorn–conjuring divine erotic magic

You are a renegade prophet with a psyche dynamic


Currents of energy converge crafting spiritual solutions

We yearn and we burn for an epoch of revolution

This is a zeitgeist of sex—a gestalt diffusion

Our hybrid Jedi minds align with the flow of evolution


You are a renegade warrior with a platinum plated shield

Your emotional depth and breadth are yet to be revealed

We pulsate and gestate with a lust unconcealed

We celebrate tantric power amplifying what we feel


This is a rockstar anthem for a renegade of liberation

A fierce bass throbs in euphoric anticipation

Clad in this fierce leather harness you breathe exhilaration

This epic erotic quest is guided by sacred imagination

Inspired by @loizdsantos on IG >> leather by @armyofmenco >> photos: @rafandway


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