We are armies of black queer rebels trying to evolve

We hone our psychic strength praying for Babylon’s fall

Our tantric powers expand as this mirrorball revolves

This is epic emancipation—a new way to problem solve


We imagine the outlines of epic power aligned with epic pride

We open the gates of consciousness to see what writhes inside

Angels and demons twist in battle when our bodies intertwine

The is a pulsating beast of pleasure—a sacred captivating ride


We arise as a crimson phoenix from the flames of apocalypse

Deep within our mitochondrial DNA breeds the power to resist

We move with grace and pride carousing with angels in our midst

We fuck to chase the pain away—liberating joy with a touch of your lips


Our primordial tablets are sources of wisdom that our minds illuminate

We must remember our ancient mythologies to avoid a looming tragic fate

Our arsenals of love and rage hold potent truths ready to detonate

Leather harnesses and straps of passion conjure an epic erotic state


We resist the toxic grip of internalized oppression celebrating radical diversity

Our melanin is a conduit for vital wisdom—for cosmic chemistry and alchemy

We rise to annihilate the muck of ages—to uproot the edifice of white supremacy

Tantric power is sacred armament fueling our fire with orgasmic synergy


Reinvented sentinels patrol the matrix while Muad Dib rules the sands of Dune

Imagination fueling science fiction offers keys to withstanding systemic doom

We build our hybrid apocalypse squads to survive, reboot, and renew

Our battalions of epic erotic pride evolve into godlike tattooed Cylon troops

leather: @armyofmenco >> model: @biscuittmfs_ >> photos: @rafandway



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