MANIFEST PHOENIX: a bypo journal

I write by deep waters

Deep frigid winter waters

As Jupiter aligns with Venus

I write about what I am becoming

Words of metamorphosis and transformation


Emerging as a manifest phoenix

I seek profound humility

Powers of compassion and empathy

Of emotional synergy and alchemy


Orogeny is a sacred capability

Channeling the fractious fire of tectonic plates

Harnessing sinuous magic subterranean

Sinking deep roots–remolding fate


I practice aquatic orogeny

Conjuring the mysteries of erotic orogeny

Summoning powers from the depths of these rivers

Amplifying the tantric power inside of me


I navigate the tides of desire and rejection

Feeling the throb of ruptured connection

Pulsating affection yearning for resurrection


I worship joy and beauty

Crafting poetic odes to beautiful men

Now I strive to see my own evolution

To celebrate the sacred tantric fire arising within


I rise as a bird of fire

Flying free from icy waters

A treacherous river that craved my life


There are timelines where I am long dead

Alternate realities of fire and ice

Timelines where I self-immolated

Timelines of slaughter and sacrifice


But my spirit has survived

Evolving and manifesting

Channeling majestic power

Churning through sacred water


I dream staccato dreams

Imagining the throb of a house beat

Feeling fire and carnal heat

Imagining transcendence embodied


I juxtapose opposites

Synthesizing divergent traditions

Amplifying a karmic mission

Sowing seeds of domination’s demolition


Torrid waters that would have killed me

Now at the core of what gives me life

Becoming fuel for imagination

Tantric portals opened wide


I live with profound clarity

Unclouded by substances of abuse

My spirit fortified in community

Magnifying the joy of recovery


I manifest visceral creativity

Claiming my potent inner divinity

Discovering my own evolving orogeny

My connection to all I perceive

To these waters reflecting vibrations of light




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