I am ensconced in recovery

Emblazoned by surrender

Rewired by these waters

Rivers of transformation flowing together


I am the water king

An aquatic tantric magician

I resurrect ancient prophecy

I create my own religion


My throne is luminous

My kingdom egalitarian

Neurodivergence fuels our purpose

Waters of recovery evoke equilibrium


Tides of connection surge inside

The river of recovery deep and wide

Sigils and manifestos are sacred signs

There is no hate in the divine


Words are my weapons

My lexicon infinite

This pulse is percussive

This house beat is resonant


I summon energy from transgressive currents

Conjuring the medicine of serpents

I live in spiritual community

Sacred love a power resurgent


Lips pulsating with alchemy

Sensing the mutability of the moment

Craving the touch of a lover

Manifesting tantra in the present


Desire is a fractal divine

Not confined by boundaries of gender

Erotic spirits writhe in pleasure

Manifesting the neurochemistry of my mind


I reign with a pantheon of godlings

Agents of karma conspiring

Creating an underground of potent resistance

Battalions of erotic ninjas writhing and rising


I feel the water’s vibration

Pregnant with zygotes of liberation

This water king seduces disciples

Conjuring an ocean of sacred imagination



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