KALI METAMORPHOSIS: anthem for dragon

We share a connection

We share shamanic magic

The duality of the tantric

A fierce energy ecstatic


You manifest the divine

Duality redefined

The epic power of Kali

Creation redesigned


You feast on the blood of demons

Ossified skulls adorn your waist

Sacred sigils frame your face

Visceral dark magic permeates


Our journey touched by fire

Remolding the power of desire

You awaken subaltern angels

Conjuring the army we require


We shared a puja of Kali

Summoning the wisdom of trees

Roots penetrating deep

Awakening our psyches as we dream


Sacred crystals mark our path

Kali exudes both joy and wrath

Your presence removes my masks

Healing scars with dark witchcraft


Black obsidian conducts this energy

Conjuring the force of alchemy

Spirit writhing with cosmic chemistry

Overflowing with psychic electricity


Our Druid cast their spell

Reading staves of truth

The tenacity of your spirit refuels

Offering power for what we must do


You are vessel for opposing forces

There is a dragon in your mind

An inferno raging inside

Tantric prophecy redefined


We manifest genius and madness

We manifest love and rage

Dragon fire mutates again

Arming us to remold fate


You embody the duality of Kali

Mother goddess of destruction and creation

This is a portal to liberation

Dragon fire molding collective salvation

Inspired by @sol.dragon on IG and guided by Leslie Blackburn, @lesliecreature on IG



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