There is this journey

A portal of insight wreathed by fire

I find this staff

Channeling the magic I require


I journey with you

Crafting these exquisite moments

Meeting brilliant beings in your world

This family of liberation you have chosen


Druid spirit permeates this staff

Infusing aging wood with purpose

Sustaining this psychic inferno

Supporting me religiously—as you do


I feel so connected

Joyously infected by gender euphoria

Absorbing tantric magic

Enjoying the powers of creation and destruction

Sublimating or subsuming these binaries


We share this quest for new culture

This quest for collective self-emancipation

This quest for spiritual salvation

A path marked by hibiscus flowers blossoming

Resonant with a flood of imagination


Your staff anchors me

Helping my guide this sacred fire

This dialectic of fuel and water

The flammable and the flame retardant

Sustaining our fire of tantric desire


This staff is magic

This land is magic

Your love is medicine

Fueling my evolution


Guiding me to move like water

Flowing serpentine

Finding the path of least resistance


Drawn to the magnetic power of your being

Crafting new ways of seeing

Manifesting the joy and freedom of polyamory

Embracing compersion

My joy in your joy with other partners


My joy in our connection

Embodied by this gnarled wood

This staff of fire

This staff fueling an inferno

A sacred conflagration of grace, love, and respect

Inspired by a journey with Leslie Blackburn; @lesliecreature on IG



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