I write to you

To the sands of Dune

Seeking your vision

Realizing your mission


Regal humility

Subtle majesty

Atreides dignity

Spiritual alchemy


This epic mythology

Carving through time

The tongue of the desert

Uttering spells sublime


Sands of Arrakis

This calculus of power

Resurrecting noble blood

Unleashing a psychic flood


Harkonnen evil levitates

Sacred prophecy activates

Spice blue eyes captivate

Portals to a transformed fate


This story a metaphor

A quest for liberation

A thirst for transcendence

For collective salvation


Cyber-wired medieval violence

Uprooting the reign of tyrants

Emerging from the stealth of the desert

Emerging from a web of silence


Are you the messiah

Or a vector of control?

Do you serve your own power

Or the fire in your soul?


There are plans within plans

This Bene Gesserit legacy

Cultivating bloodlines

Molding imperial destiny


You see all possible futures

A portal through time

We amplify liberation

Prophetic power burns like fire



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