I worship spirit

Gazing at my fire altar

I am transforming

I am evolving


Integrating new insights

I work to release

To let go of shadows

Patterns that longer serve me


I see my birth chart in new light

Libra energy calls for balance

Pausing with intention

Before a response


Maintaining balance

Striving not to project my shadow

Fortifying porous boundaries

Absorbing and gestating my pain


Realigning with Scorpio energy

Resisting the insistence of impulse

Welcoming the spirit planet Neptune

Cultivating serenity and gratitude


I am called to release shame

Shame attached to desire

Releasing pervasive fantasy 

Keeping shadow lust tenaciously rooted


I grieve what never was

A mirage of my mind

I celebrate reality

Our lives intertwined


Last night was magic

Poetry as prayer with Dragon

I initiated my Gothic Angel

Welcoming him into this universe


I felt shamanic pulsations

Crystal obelisks modulating energy

Like energetic dildos

Coated with blood


There were candles

Skeletons emblematic of death

Both death and rebirth

Spirit moving like sinuous lava


Feathers of fire

Dragon fire

Dragon tongue

Cultivating creative magic


These are rites of passage

Molding evolution

Conjuring synesthesia

Polyvalent experiencing of senses


Dragon’s voice so resonant

They harmonize with themselves

Manifesting spirit

Holding and transforming space


I felt power in that space

I felt presence and joy

I am given tools

Sacred implements for radical growth


I synthesize dragon fire

The fire from which I rise

A phoenix conquering so much pain

Naming a new path and waiting patiently


Surrendering control

Surrendering to spirit

Inviting dragon fire

Allowing the magma to writhe


Shaping a new path

Guided by planets and stars

A path of spiritual fire

An awakening to my volcanic power 

inspired by @Sol.Dragon and @neeknil both on IG



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