Fierce tattoos pulsate through your body

They are portals of transformation reflecting inside me

Stories they tell craft a cyberpunk mythology

This is psychic penetration and apocalyptic anthropology


Your body is a canvas of epic proportions

We fight for psychic strength rid of cognitive distortions

Gender fluid we arise from the depths of our sentient ocean

We vogue and we fuck—we cause a commotion


Your cock is clad in regal crimson lace

You transcend a gender binary that is being erased

I speak to you from afar and sense noble grace

I see fire in your eyes and rugged beauty in your face


I am struck by a vision of erotic resurrection

I image myself in a web of tantric connection

Spirit magic makes me whole despite imperfection

I dream of sexual synergy crafting a chrysalis of protection


The sinuous ink that brands you is juxtaposed with femme flair

Seductive lingerie frames virility as we become self aware

This is a tantric uprising—it is psychosexual warfare

We will create a world for our children armed with love and care


Juxtaposed images are ferocious fuel for inspiration

You rewrite the rules of gender with potent imagination

I imagine you writhing in the heat of palpitation

This is juxtaposed gender—it is work of liberation

Both images are by @fkfbrln on IG or @inkedbrln on twitter

First image: lingerie is by @proteomx >> photo by @JuanOyervides

Second image: photo by @warrenpiece


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