your eyes are cylon portals to the titanic force of your heart and soul…no mere mortal, you are a vixen, destined to conspire to transform our world and make us feel whole…genderqueer you defy systemic boundaries, letting transpower flow through your arms…you are a field marshal in our androgyne army and our battalions are enraptured by your charms…spirit moves in unforeseen places—my higher power comes into conscious clarity whenever I am still and I breathe…you are part of my pantheon of deities: my pyromuse and my psychotropic priest…erotic energy percolates all around us just waiting to be channeled into our collective power to conjure and catalyze…I’ll make a choice to believe in your goddess if you will make a choice to believe in mine…you are a vixen, a she-fox, and a rising queer phoenix—we can amplify the power and coherence of our anarchist matrix….you are a hardcore diva in this patient intentional work of revolution—we can animate your power to inspire and take us higher and higher to a place of peace, love, and liberation

both images are of gato… on social media as @sateando on IG or twitter



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