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emphatic euphoric erotic adore it love is melodic give in and go for it BYPO c2010 EVOLVE or Die Trying bypo.evolve@gmail.com byporevolution.blogspot.com


Sometimes when I tell people they don’t get it The response is sometimes like I’ve just announced my favorite color No appreciation of the intense vagaries of mood The wild, productive, but dangerous highs And the grey paralyzing lows There is too much silence I need to break this silence […]


A sea of humanity Taquerias and street food Dance with la zona rosa Cheap drinks, clubs, and dates Nights in the Roma Section That balcony where I smoked So many cheap Camels Mezcal and tequila energizing and enervating Plazas full of beauty and poverty People in rags begging for my […]


Treading on the edge Going up for months Without really going down Wide awake at 5 am Contemplating bold moves Subtle disquiet Longing and loneliness I am testing my chemistry Addicted to dopamine And cigarettes I hope this is honest Truly capturing The peril and pleasure Of angels on the […]