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emancipate your primal hate give in to love and make a break flash your eyes and bare your teeth monster beats are sheathed beneath polluted skies and broken streets juxtapose this fantasy with creeping pop reality raise a flag and take the streets remind yourself of power unleashed but keep […]


bypo’s rollin’ psychotropic bombed that wall before you noticed raise your fist and keep it focused hit the streets and roll like roaches street art flying cyber-wired scarred barbed and crudely filed press on nails branded black spray paint bombed on cyber-blast hitting streets and rolling deep showing love and […]


Dirty streets strewn with broken glass Hydrants spewing hydra’s ash Hurrying along and walking past Homeless vets on cyberblast Armor up trying not to care But sucked in by this woman’s stare I dig deep and try to share Change that is my metro fare A city ruled by sycophants […]