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MAGNETIC: anthem of seduction

Latin fire fused with crimson pride… You seduce and recruit with a flash of your eyes… Your aesthetic is scruff visceral and rugged… I imagine your fierce cuerpo in the arms of a lover…   Your sex presence is amplified magnetic and supersonic… Living in the moment you a flex […]


Commanding the stage you dance away your pain… Subaltern powers arise projecting neon fractals through crystal rain…   Sanctifying pleasure you live to amplify joy and inspire… The modulation of gyration takes the dance floor higher and higher…   Viscous waves of tectonic fractals animate the mind… Orgasmic pleasure and […]


Your body is etched like sacred stone—inspiring transpiring but never alone…our arms embrace i hold you close—angels arise from the ashes as ancestral ghosts… You focus your psyche on the quest for connection—you are a pyromuse and my queer resurrection…you edit digitized signals with your potent intuition—I amplify your mind […]