I am evolving and deepening my awareness… With the shackles of addiction in remission I live in gratitude and in joy… I live on the manic depressive spectrum—tending towards states of hypomania and mania… Eliminating the toxicity of substances of abuse has helped me stabilize, but the powers within that […]


You tempt me You invite me to want what is unwise It would be legal—probably… But it might not be safe for either of us… Your sinuous body and lithe muscles are profoundly alluring Your face is intensely edgy and rebellious—both seductive and angelic… I have crafted age-related boundaries precisely […]


  This is a meditation on intensity—it is a meditation on the contours of ecstasy…I wire my mind to take in your electricity as we conspire to imagine our collective divinity… You animate my imagination with your fierce pride–you light a fire of desire deep inside…but do I long to […]


Energy reverberates through crystal prisms—energy that is never either created or destroyed… Power magnifies from the source, channelling energy as it changes form—cultivating connection and creativity… We are all connected to this universal power—we are all conduits for spiritual, cosmic, and tantric synergy… Our source defies and transcends gender… It […]


  energy fires from each of your eyes—inviting us to yearn: inviting us to try…your erotic power is enshrined in a throne of desire—inspiring our global army to reboot and rewire… you are branded like a prince in sacred tantric ink–tattoos transcribe intentional ways to be and to think…we dance […]


there is clandestine power in your eyes and clandestine erotic energy in your hands… you traverse a multitude of worlds full of prescient awareness of your inner strength and fortitude… you have grown and grounded yourself through the recognition of having been lost, searching, and out of control… what we […]


You are an angel in my pantheon—a muse for my creative mind… The power of your psychic torus extends and extrapolates ever further as our psyches intertwine… You are evolving into a prophet of ecstasy, solidarity, and radical imagination… You are redefining sex appeal as the primordial exoskeleton of our […]


Your gaze is direct—commanding and inviting—suggesting sorcery and vast seductive power… Your energy expands to fill the space–conjuring a subliminal symphony of attraction and desire… Light reflects from your eyes creating sacred intimacy and connection–crafting moments pregnant with magic and majesty… We summon heat and energy from deep within the […]


In the queer male world we talk a lot about pride… We talk about gay pride but not gay shame… Shame born of the fact that few of us fit the intensely sculpted archetypes of beauty to whom we pay allegiance… Shame born of internalized homophobia and the catty pettiness […]


You tantalize and synthesize… You rise and fly and prophesize… You are a pin-up playboy with seductive eyes… You are a conduit for dreams waiting to be realized…   The energy that flows is infectious and potent… We conjure rites of passage and divine tantric potions… Your sex magic fuels […]


You are an intergalactic missionary dancing to the throb of pulsating rhythms… You heal schisms and conjure visions—imagining the power to transform this system… With the moon in Virgo I feel pride and elation rise to the surface conveying all that you mean to my spirit and my passion… We […]


Your energy is seismic, electric, and magnetic… We fuse our hybrid imaginations into a psychic storm that is visceral and kinetic… You seduce with your eyes, with your mind, and with your fire… You transform the sexually transactional into an act of sacred pride… The power of the hypno-erotic unleashes […]


  You are branded in technicolor—fierce and resonant… The iconography of many cultures manifests on your body—intricately executed and spiritually sacrosanct… You are a powerfully unique being and this potency is manifested in this prophetic tattoo—this creation that expresses all that you are and all that you aspire to do… […]


The future of the future will still contain the past—your energy is like a tsunami igniting an erotic cosmic match…we never know what blessings we will find on this sacred karmic path—we dedicate our souls to creative liberation rooted in the present while honing our craft… I will be a […]


I invite you into this moment as he embraces you within his arms—I invite you into my present and the power of two to become one… This is digitized cylon sensuality transpiring within my mind–it is a subterranean erotic uprising transforming lust into a liberating grind… We can visualize sexual […]


You unveil epic strength embedded in each of your eyes—you are an insurrectionary army in supple erotic disguise…we reclaim sacred land with the clarity of our minds—we chart a path to liberation when we dance, writhe, and grind… We build decolonized power in the heart of empire—we seek indigenous wisdom […]


This is a fantasy and a vision—it is a vector in the exercise of erotic imagination… I saw your lips meet those of your dancer, and I imagined that they were my own… I imagined the contours of your body as they channel the power of godlings of the subconscious… […]


Here I am: right were I need to be… This perfect June sky approaching sunset—delicate blues and pinks dancing in the stratosphere Dancing like we danced in the streets hours ago—celebrating the growing power of the struggle for trans and queer liberation…. This is my first fully clean Pride… The […]


Their eyes pulsate with emotion… All of their limbs are taut and ready animated by the urgency of the moment… These are the guardians of that which was not taken These shamanic warriors defend the motherland, guarding space for our people to thrive… We whose ancestors were expropriated fight for […]


Your pores exude a savage musky intensity, suggesting exquisite power and confidence… I feel your chest next to mine and I am intensely aroused… I feel our hips locking into synchronicity and I feel my snake magic rising to the surface of awareness… You are cock diesel—a master of seductive […]