The lock at your neck holds the key to your heart The key to your branding—the key to these marks The intensity of your eyes inspires the deepest seas to part Our sex presence transcends gender making desire a sacred art   Your fire rises from within like a divine […]


Your body is an epic canvas intricately woven with tattoos Your energy surges from within—reverberating in all you do Your silhouette carves  through darkness—transfixing all in the room We will dance to hard house anthems—getting so deeply into the groove   Your ink evokes blood memories of sacred magic and […]


I am an infinite line manifesting in finite space I am a potent creative presence that cannot be erased Every sinew of your torso reflects the contours of your face These fractals are reactive—bringing my mind to this fearless place   The leather that armors your body is a seductive […]


Your body is branded  as testament  to the force of your introspective eye Tattoos of nonbinary energy circulate, reverberate, and realign You command your potent sex presence by flexing the sinew of your mind This is a proud genderfuck moment of transcendent hope and desire   We rise up for […]

ILLICIT ARMY: a leather anthem

Our erotic army is an illicit army Soldiers clad in leather hard and swarthy Our minds are cyber wired with cosmic chemistry We reimagine desire: sex becomes artistry   Our harnesses are conduits for tantric stimulation Orgasmic ecstasy is a pivotal pillar of creation We conceive a world of joy […]


Magnetic eyes electrified Conjure sacred carnal fire Imagining a matrix of desire Pandora’s box is opened wide   Water suffuses your seductive face You channel its power—you channel its grace A kinetic charge writhes and oscillates Aquatic depth: a vessel of fate   This is a dopamine clinic—it is seismic […]


You take the stage with fire and technicolor flair Your body conducts tantric energy leaving the boys to stop and stare We sync up our psychic powers inspiring our neurons to become self-aware I imagine a hard house dance floor where you stomp and grind through neon glare   You […]


The river black and matte like rubber urges me to think of the past Oceans of crime and centuries of grime dismembered by our magic at last   Nations of Black bodies ensnared by other Africans Sold as chattel to avaricious conquistadors and mercantilists The river bleeds red in memory […]


Your skin dark like night boldly seared with tattoos You transfix my mind with intensity—with the power of your moods We imagine a world of love where solidarity rules We craft outlines of this future as we sharpen our tools   We are aboriginal people before pillage and conquest We […]


Your beauty submerged in a cobalt sea Rivers converge channeling karmic chemistry You are a muse for the magic of sacred artistry You inspire visions of liberation reverberating orgasmically   The water churns in turquoise and gold The sun’s light reflects urging my spirit to grow bold We conspire to […]


Fractals of energy surge through your armor You are ninja erotic—you are agents of karma From our diasporas we conjure an anti-colonial madonna We emulate the buddha seeking sacred dharma   Your bodies are chiseled like samurai statues Your sex presence sizzles as sin melds with virtue We need communities […]


Armies of men cohere once again We will fight to the end—we are lovers and friends Turbines and pistons move our revolutionary engines They pulsate to the rhythm of your tantric commands   The fire in your eye is subtle and sacred We prepare to reclaim all that has been […]


Your body pulsates with sacred erotic energy You amplify sex presence—you amplify synergy Churning deep within your torso lies potent carnal chemistry Your succulent tantalizing curves are works of divine artistry   I imagine a cornucopia: your body carnal corpulent I imagine touching your flesh and feeling your aura virile […]


Your chest is branded in sinuous ink Expanding contracting—projecting crimson instinct We invent new libations to worship and drink We flood our minds with dopamine every time we blink   Your pulse is erotic fierce and hypnotic Ensnared by leather you project power tectonic We conjure a symphony bold and […]

TRUST MUSCLE: a journal entry

This is my chosen place to write—it is close to my heart: my trust muscle…I sit at the convergence of two rivers and marvel at the magic of the water’s constant motion—maybe this is a metaphor I seek energy from the intricate swirls of wood composing the wharf like so […]


A storm is coming together—a storm of emancipation We will break the interlocking chains of oppression and exploitation You lend your oceanic power to this atmospheric reverberation From frigid deep blue depths arises an armada of liberation   Your energy is supersonic—hypnotic and erotic Your torso summons a force both […]


Spirits are churning—wildfires are burning As a people we are learning We are striving—we are yearning   Apocalypse is here—it is sinking its roots We resist and rebel—but we feel weak and abused From deep within we imagine the power of sacred truth We imagine solutions—we try to reboot   […]


Undulations of water amplify the power of your mind Undulations of energy manifest in the power of your grind You dance to celebrate your essence—the groove to which you unwind You are a pillar of my creative imagination—a sacred vesper for humankind   The seductive trance in your eyes is […]


  I seek a body of water as I reach for inspiration I find the magic of clouds on the brink of precipitation Sex magic fuses psyches in sensuous adoration As rain falls our bodies move craving sexual liberation   This is rude and crude—carnal and lewd We twist in […]


Waves of sex presence conjure a potent erotic solution You emerge from this sea of sentience yearning for revolution We resist the gravity of passivity—the mirage of this system’s illusions The kinetic storm connecting sea and clouds eradicates confusion   You transform and rewire the matrix of desire The surface […]