this is a poem about recovery–a poem as metaphor for my journey towards synchronicity with my higher power…none of us created the scaffolding of the 12-step universe–no one created it because we co-created as a decentralized collective building on the insights of those who came before…and we continually create […]


a flame explodes into view, so emblematic of our rage…we rise up to reconstitute a nation that was built to conquer and enslave…these are florid and manic nights followed by meditative and introspective days–we are trying to reinvent ourselves as a tsunami that can cleanse all of this emotional pain…light […]


i just awoke from a dream about you–i was walking with phyllis owens and we were talking about you and grieving your passing…frivolously, i noted how good we all still look on social media–you, with all your crafted selfies, might have appreciated the moment…upon awakening i turned from my bed […]


your eyes entrance, ensnare, and inspire, conjuring waves of ecstatic passion that rise up ever higher…your body is a talisman, a sacred interstellar vessel, and an erotic fire–your images sync with my lyrics allowing our reality to amp up and rewire…sex is so potent, so visceral, and so elemental–you transfix […]


there is subterranean strength in your body and volcanic energy in your mind–this is a seismic cosmic moment when everything that happens is a sacred sign…we craft an epitaph for this system etched in rage, blood, and pride–i give in to my higher power and seek a creative serenity deep […]


we first met in the months before our present political moment was defined–the post-election but pre-inauguration days of shock, rage, and fear…you caught my eye both physically and spiritually–you were a presence and an energy that i wanted to know more closely…your images captivate my mind–they inspire and animate new […]


I am proud of how i show up for life on the manic depressive spectrum–i am proud of my creativity and empathy, and of my spiritual insights and practice…i resist the dogma that calls all of this a disorder, because when balanced, my neurodivergent mind is opened to inspiration that […]


light and sound become energized and fused into one–we see fractals in the moon and volcanic power in the sun…psychedelic synergy has transformed who we are and what we can become–we project universal liberation as the cosmic project that is to be done…i have learned that i do not need […]


i am a vessel for sacred forces arising in a moment of unprecedented global peril–we must draw strength from our collective unconscious to resist a fascist menace that has grown ruthless, desperate, and feral…i am anansi the spider weaving webs of wisdom, life, and love–i transmute psychic pain and crisis […]


three sensuous bodies: three celestial auras–we aspire to cosmic connection to honor the rebels who came before us…we crave dance floors so fierce that the reigning divas will come to adore us–we crave intimacy and emotional resonance over the addictive forces that long to control us…this is the energy of […]


you inspire me with your mind, your loyalty, and your inner fire–your will to serve and resist makes me want to craft plans and conspire…the beauty of your spirit provokes a confused state of desire–the intensity of your revolutionary intentions could be an albatross, or the force that takes you […]


i am only forty-one, but addiction has been a cunning enemy of my life for at least three decades…at first compulsive sexual stimulation and fantasy–but also a foundational addiction to the power of intellect and self will…while my head branded me an atheist, my heart and soul kept me connected […]


i have tried to cry for days, just feeling that grief is the right feeling to feel–emotive songs have helped me choke up for protracted moments, but again and again the feelings pass and my mind clears…i wonder why i am not more ground down by this–why i am not […]


in your eyes is placed a power greater than all of their hoarded gold–your eyes are wormholes to a future of humility and grace so deeply rooted that its seeds will grow…we build power and resilience to feed the richness of our souls–we have so many toxic patterns and toxic […]


before we had a globalized system, we had globalized energy:  fires of wood or wax to which we made sacred offerings of rare shells, silver, or gold…before we had a world economy or planetary pandemics, we drew life and sustenance from the same sun and moon–we saw our fates and […]


luscious and radiantly non-binary–you emanate potent spiritual forces from your divine apothecary…you writhe and transform our world with your gender-expansive spirit…elevating our anthem of revolution so that spirits above and below can hear it…androgyne angels fly amongst us–unleashing the forces that, in a coming explosive instant, will ignite a detonation […]