I inhale your energy and worship our chemistry You are a saint of pleasure—an agent of ecstasy Luscious lips vibrate to subterranean frequencies Our minds conspire in search of tantric destiny   Superhuman sex presence manifests as divination Exploring contours of the erotic with piercing imagination Full spectrum sensuality yearns […]


Vicious violet accents animate your eyes Pregnant with presence—pregnant with desire Your epic sex presence fuels a carnal fire This erotic synergy has the power to uproot empire   Serpents rising within are your chakras’ resurrection They encircle your spine with armor against infection This is evolution on hyperdrive—supernatural selection […]


You are supple and radiant projecting the power of salvation Sacred catechism describes your life and your resuscitation You move with your lover with passion and adoration I recreate this biblical myth with tantric imagination   Your eyes resonate—pulsating with cosmic electricity You have been raised from death as a […]


We are armies of black queer rebels trying to evolve We hone our psychic strength praying for Babylon’s fall Our tantric powers expand as this mirrorball revolves This is epic emancipation—a new way to problem solve   We imagine the outlines of epic power aligned with epic pride We open […]


Deep within your eyes a vicious fire burns You bring wisdom to teach and lessons to learn Our prophets arise descend and converge We conjure collective power and spiritual rebirth   Your purpose hides behind a facade of physical perfection We seek magic cosmic synergy and prophetic resurrection We project […]

NOBLE BLOOD: the fire of guerrilla warfare

You radiate passion—projecting loving kindness Your inner rage is channeled into sinuous erotic conquest I yearn for your presence—for the magic that comes next In this age of apocalypse we cannot afford spiritual blindness   Your power manifests as intentional reflection This is hypodermic sex—It is queer resurrection We dispel […]


Piercing eyes and obsidian skin Inviting epic fantasy deep within Erotic fractals magnetize your strength You are an epic force—an iconic pimp   Electric charge manifests exhilaration We rise and fly craving freedom and liberation This is a tantric quest of exquisite imagination A quest for spirituality—for collective emancipation   […]


Shattering a static mold of beauty You give us faith to be ourselves There is power in your notoriety It is the strength to love and rebel   There is sacred fire in your eye And entrancing charm in your smile You effortlessly channel and rewire Reimagining our matrix of […]


Your power grinds and reverberates Your energy burns and levitates Epic tattoos brand and animate Gender binaries blur and disintegrate   Raw leather and supple lace Outline our fate and our place The fire of passion imbues your face Our armies rise to conquer hate   Tantric geisha liberate Erotic […]


I am a zygote of liberation camouflaged as pathology I am a tantric mystic camouflaged as debauchery Future soldiers in formation as far as the eye can see Decentralized transformation realizes sacred prophecy   This is an erotic anthem crying out for insurrection I am a suicide survivor amidst spiritual […]


Colors connive as spirits revive We are shackled by trauma locked deep inside We heal from our pasts and rebuild our lives The rhythms of recovery dance and collide   This magical orange suggests hope and liberation Love and trust reopen gates of imagination We find joy in eye contact: […]

SILVER FIRE: the aging erotic

My eyes admire your torso—your pulsating desire My body and mind yearn to be the magic you require Projecting epic tantric wisdom you touch and inspire I tremble with anticipation amidst your silver fire   This union is prophetic: a portal of evolution The inferno in your heart harbors psychic […]


I sit by the water—I came here to write….The river ebbs and flows and pulsates with energy…It reverberates with the power to sustain life and the power to take it… I came to write about my mind—to write about the social construct known as bipolar disorder…This diagnosis has been an […]


Fierce tattoos pulsate through your body They are portals of transformation reflecting inside me Stories they tell craft a cyberpunk mythology This is psychic penetration and apocalyptic anthropology   Your body is a canvas of epic proportions We fight for psychic strength rid of cognitive distortions Gender fluid we arise […]

MARQUIS DU MAQUIS: a seductrix anthem

You exude carnal fire as a lord of desire We conspire and rewire to take this energy ever higher I will give you my zen–I will give what you require We craft a rising erotic order whose power will never expire   The maquis were French rebels against Nazi occupation […]


This is a reflection on your chemistry A reflection on your artistry The potency of this erotic ministry Generates a flood of sexual alchemy   Your bodies radiate and your minds captivate Orgasmic chemistry emerges—it builds and dominates This synergy crafts power to inspire and orchestrate Our army of rebel […]


My spirit admires Your play with desire My psyche rewires Feeling carnal fire   This is erotic sacrament A body positive anthem A postmodern testament A psychic tantric phantom   Fierce fire burns inside Toxic shame is crucified This a pulsating cosmic ride Our nascent pride is fortified   Tantric […]


You project and command with fire in your eyes Your energy is psychotropic—raw dopamine in disguise Orgasmic rivers converge in the matrix of your mind Aquatic power reverberates when your lovers intertwine   This principality is an experiment in radical imagination We craft sacred orgies fueled by tantric emanations This […]


The presence of fractals Demands infinite respect I infer and extrapolate I bow and genuflect   This is a gate of the sacred A gate of the divine A gate for ancient goddesses Who fuck and intertwine   Just hold my hand Get ready to jump The dance floor is […]


Smoke curls around your face Like a projection of luminous eyes Energy reverberates around you Crafting the magic of sacred desire   There are fierce tattoos etched across your chest They are visceral brands of tantric elation Tattoos are sigils of the sacred and mystical Their ink shapes talismans of […]