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i just awoke from a dream about you–i was walking with phyllis owens and we were talking about you and grieving your passing…frivolously, i noted how good we all still look on social media–you, with all your crafted selfies, might have appreciated the moment…upon awakening i turned from my bed […]

CONTROL: a psychospiritual introspection

i am hypnotized by the starlight refracting through clouds…i feel power in my mind–a power to control humankind…the shimmering light makes me think i can see the digital miasma–vistas of dark matter outlining the emerging cylon matrix…to evolve is to be human–and ever mutating creation…in the dark night of this […]


life and death–day and night–a phoenix rises–flying high and burning bright…i see fire inside–fire in your eyes–smoldering in darkness–just out of sight…our time on this earth is bounded by time…but memory lives on–psychic power recombines…ageing and fragile–undone by mortality’s hand…your guidance will transcend the grave–if we summon the power to […]

IMMORTALIZED: a tribute to Gil Scott-Heron

love and rage took the stage speaking truth eschewing fame inscribing pain abusing veins rebel poet living wraith harlem streets never clean seductive highs pure dopamine kick it quit it never sticking rhyme and rhythm ever kicking shining star badly scarred edge of glory gone too far science dropping never […]

MEMORIA: A Tribute to the Life of Gloria Cobbs

stop to pray stop and stare pain can teach or destroy night and day love and rage rule the streets fill a void six feet deep a body laid grief runs wild children play set love free this sacred day make a choice to change your ways friendship bleeds love […]