sexual violence

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i have tried to cry for days, just feeling that grief is the right feeling to feel–emotive songs have helped me choke up for protracted moments, but again and again the feelings pass and my mind clears…i wonder why i am not more ground down by this–why i am not […]


I feel alone–so painfully alone… Lost in a fog of fear, profound remorse, and omnipresent anxiety… My mind has been locked in a vicious cycle of FIGHT, FLIGHT, or FREEZE–a cycle only broken by cathartic tears of pain… I have been confronted in retrograde by a new landscape of harm–this […]


  desecration and violation—toxic psychic devastation…caustic pain is in gestation—blocking love and trust and creation…so much to learn if i dig in deep—boundaries i have transgressed perpetrated on me…i swarm with feeling dirty and emotionally unclean—i pray for tears to flow and sanctify my scarred body…we need transformational solutions to […]