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she is a ninja of the night—a living angel aloft in flight…she is the mistress of sexual delight—and the arbiter of cosmic karma’s might…our sisters are rising proud—demanding solidarity…its time to shut patriarchy down—time for transcendent feminism to claim the streets…we marched for black women—we marched to uproot white supremacy…meaningful […]


platinum-clad ladies vogue at the discotheque–leaving all the boys pining–hard-wired horned and wet…we rock the dance floor pounding hard with no regrets…we throw elbows and claim our space turning tricks and turning heads…femmed-out men in full length skirts–queering power branding fame…making it seductive and making it work–ensuring that every street […]

PHYSICAL ATTRACTION: a meditation on trans and queer liberation

chemical reaction–a sweet satisfaction…orgasmic interaction–its physical attraction…we seek all our lives–for ones to love and to fuck…we harbor deep inside–the urge to rim and suck…expanding our conceptions of sex and of gender–has left the right apoplectic, fired up, and untethered…to my trans sisters and brothers i dedicate my life–i commit […]


juh-juh JUST DANCE to pulsating pokerface rhythms in a TRANCE pink lips on the dealer’s ceiling with alejandro’s lil monster da dit-dit-DANCING in the dark never far and going HARD leaving money honey in your mouth and dangerous LOVING in gaga’s monsta house playing ta-tit-tit TELEPHONE with dirty rich bones […]