Malcolm X

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  whose streets—our streets—so said the cops while suppressing speech…black lives on trial—neo-nazis on the rise—such a toxic miasma of moribund white pride…a US base on holy land—a criminal alliance—suppressing palestinian dreams—a magnet for arab defiance…our world grows smaller—and increasingly imperiled—climate change is threatening—our social system is sterile…its time to […]

MEMORIA: a tribute to Brother Manning Marable

stop to pray stop and stare pain can teach or destroy night and day love and rage rule the streets fill a void six feet deep a body laid grief runs wild children play set love free this sacred day make a choice to change your ways friendship bleeds love […]

A Short History of Racism

Dehumanizing African lives Rationalizing genocide Embodied in-law-enshrined in rites Consuming a nation riddled in lies It lives in every cop car Writhes on every cell block Seeps through Obama’s door Decimates Iraqi lives Animates the tea party Brain-dead proto-fascists Armed with three bad ideas But too shameless not to talk […]