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I am an infinite line manifesting in finite space I am a potent creative presence that cannot be erased Every sinew of your torso reflects the contours of your face These fractals are reactive—bringing my mind to this fearless place   The leather that armors your body is a seductive […]

ANARCHIST REVELATION: the evolution of psychospiritual praxis

for millennia our species has lived on this earth—always molded by the conditions into which we were birthed…we have lived as hunter-gatherers, as serfs, and as slaves—we have paid homage to haughty kings burried in titanic holy graves…our system has been ripe for transformation for more than a century—but it […]


i see parabolas and hyperbolas in the fires i burn outside—the fractals that coat my sky are the signature of the night…i feel energy and possibility emanating from deep inside—my dreams consume my consciousness bringing peace and taking flight… churning flames resemble hurricanes orbiting a floating rope–we imagine a power […]