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Emblazoned by color We rise and resist We morph and evolve Raising chainmailed fists   We fuck with the binary We fuck who we choose Alchemizing lust Nothing to lose   You inspire my spirit You inspire my mind We manifest prophecy Amplifying desire   This pulse of liberation This […]


country twang meets harlem swing—an old town road to the world we begin…marinating and meditating—fornicating and innovating…enjoying the beat driving hard and synched—summoning the will to nurture and the will to resist…this poem is an ode to the dynamo known as lil NasX—he spits rhymes that inspire us to flip […]


manic zen from deep within fusing sin with oxygen–possibilities writhe and morph revealing potent visions usually accessed psychedelically…i have seen vivid fractals unfolding before my closed eyes…i have felt tantric erotic power erupting deep inside… in this wretched moment civilization is at stake–but i am removed from the world of […]

VIPER VIRUS: the matrix of evolution

infinitesimal but potent they control our minds—training nerves and synapses to fire deep inside…a toxic virus has arisen laced with systemic crime—distorting our collaborative nature and reenacting the lord of the flies…we are ruled by heartless robber barons—skilled only in legalized theft…their souls are sickly and barren—they are steering us […]


  whose streets—our streets—so said the cops while suppressing speech…black lives on trial—neo-nazis on the rise—such a toxic miasma of moribund white pride…a US base on holy land—a criminal alliance—suppressing palestinian dreams—a magnet for arab defiance…our world grows smaller—and increasingly imperiled—climate change is threatening—our social system is sterile…its time to […]

BANKSYSTYLE: Monster Family Anthem

gaga’s back rollin hard takin’ names takin’ charge rollin deep monster family spreading love losing sleep born this way queer power seize the day milk the hour love and rage guilt and shame make me cry scream my name bypo’s rollin’ banksy style taggin’ walls crackin’ files street army underground […]