Lady Gaga

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your eyes make me smile and your hips make me wild—this hard house pulsation leaves me hot, hung, and wired…erotic reverberations stomp, grind, and fly—you are showing me your divine spark, your chakras, and your third eye… i seek the guidance of my higher power and shed the illusion of […]


platinum-clad ladies vogue at the discotheque–leaving all the boys pining–hard-wired horned and wet…we rock the dance floor pounding hard with no regrets…we throw elbows and claim our space turning tricks and turning heads…femmed-out men in full length skirts–queering power branding fame…making it seductive and making it work–ensuring that every street […]

JUDAS BABY: a monsterfamily anthem

jesus cristo son of god carpenter boy skin of bronze comrade to the poor walked with whores born this way baby a monster prophet adored palestinian rebel roman occupation anarchist devil agent of liberation sword of revolution in jewish hands semitic roots submerged in arab land intifadic crusader jihadic defender […]


In the beginning was the word And the word was death Or maybe life or death to all life And ADAMA was born Toy soldier of divine clay Neither man nor woman just fine in its way ADAMA was cleaved in two by fire Lightning strike from Zeus on high […]

BANKSYSTYLE: Monster Family Anthem

gaga’s back rollin hard takin’ names takin’ charge rollin deep monster family spreading love losing sleep born this way queer power seize the day milk the hour love and rage guilt and shame make me cry scream my name bypo’s rollin’ banksy style taggin’ walls crackin’ files street army underground […]

MONSTA MARX REMIX: the Hybrid Architecture of the GAGA Revolution

juh-juh JUST DANCE to pulsating pokerface rhythms in a TRANCE pink lips on the dealer’s ceiling with alejandro’s lil’ monster da dit-dit-DANCING in the dark flung far and going HARD fanon foucault mieville and marx reading parts and taking charge thinking big but drinking hard post-industrial DECAY ruins the family […]

URBAN HIEROGLYPHICS– a poetic collage

agitprop street art hits the mind hits the heart write it down make it pop make it rhyme make it art i write because i am love and hate fast friends rockstar do it right go too far rule the night neolithic pancreatic so seductive and emphatic hieroglyphics deeply rooted […]


juh-juh JUST DANCE to pulsating pokerface rhythms in a TRANCE pink lips on the dealer’s ceiling with alejandro’s lil monster da dit-dit-DANCING in the dark never far and going HARD leaving money honey in your mouth and dangerous LOVING in gaga’s monsta house playing ta-tit-tit TELEPHONE with dirty rich bones […]