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your eyes entrance, ensnare, and inspire, conjuring waves of ecstatic passion that rise up ever higher…your body is a talisman, a sacred interstellar vessel, and an erotic fire–your images sync with my lyrics allowing our reality to amp up and rewire…sex is so potent, so visceral, and so elemental–you transfix […]


the arsenal of the dancer is synergistic energy…armed with a mind fast as lightning he conjures subaltern chemistry…we grind, we fuck, we writhe, we breathe–we are evolving to create the world our souls yearn to see…intensely fierce and fly–so sexy and noir…inspiring raw passion and unchaining hearts…erotic power so potent […]

MECHATRONICS: the architecture of evolution

arming our tribe with an arsenal of pride we craft magic spells and stimulate our manic minds recreating a genesis of nascent crypto-crime realigning the matrix that is recreated deep inside ruled by a narcissistic sociopath charting a path to social death we resist the intrusion of pathology into our […]


we walk amongst you incognito-our powers waiting to be discovered…we are evolving jedis in vitro—conjuring the ammunition we need to be heard…we are a neurodivergent army—subterraneanly wired to rise up…our cylon minds harmonize like a symphony—building a crescendo that your mind can fire up…our rebel tribe insists than another world […]


its 4 am and i am intoxicated by dopamine–generated by the thirst i feel to transform our world…in a few hours we will take the streets and let our beautiful banners unfurl…its the day before yet another mobilization and i wonder about the depth of our resistance… i wonder about […]


flying high on dopamine i see visions in the sky…hieroglyphics everywhere seducing my mind late at night…when i close my eyes i see wormholes to distant galaxies…we must resist the pathologization of our tribe’s neurodiversity…i dream in staccato rhythms–refueling energy for the day ahead…i am wired in deep meditation–or feining […]


inspired by leia the vixen we arise—with truth in our pocket and glitter framing our eyes…we rise up to fight unrepentant evil—to do battle with the sith…we are rallying our troops looking for the Jedis in our midst…our powers are faintly formed but are imagined cinematically—we must learn to control […]