white supremacy

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dancers stomp, twist, and writhe—giving voice to desires pent up deep inside…we long to rise as one and mobilize—our subaltern armies will rule the night… our democracy is plagued and under siege—we need cyberpunk power to keep the peace…nazis and fascists will come rolling deep—but our samurai neurodivergents have a […]


I imagine you lying beside me…black on black—skin to skin…I feel a fire of liberation deep within—I feel a cocoon of black love opening its arms so I can trust and fall in…the contours of your body excite my imagination and your lips are an invitation to sacred crime…our connection […]


a flame explodes into view, so emblematic of our rage…we rise up to reconstitute a nation that was built to conquer and enslave…these are florid and manic nights followed by meditative and introspective days–we are trying to reinvent ourselves as a tsunami that can cleanse all of this emotional pain…light […]


  three sensuous bodies: three celestial auras–we aspire to cosmic connection to honor the rebels who came before us… we crave dance floors so fierce that the reigning divas will come to adore us–we crave intimacy and emotional resonance over the addictive forces that long to control us… this is […]


black bondage, black pain–black pride, black rage…our people have been birthed through the torturous lacerations of whips and chains…fear is our enemy so trust in the divine–sacred powers heal historic wounds and bend the flow of time…whats mine is yours and whats yours is mine–unleash the godlike serpent writhing deep […]