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limp wrists and raised fists—trans and queer we rearm and resist…we harness sacred powers arising in our midst—magical elixirs find their way to our souls through our lips…emphatic euphoric and intensely orgasmic—the confluence of emotion is deep and hypnotic…our dance with the dialectic is fierce and jaw dropping—our energy expands […]


heart-felt passion and heart-felt pain intertwine and recombine inside this dancer’s brain… inspired by love inflected by rage–we rise to shatter titanic systemic psychic chains… this is a neon hybrid: a supersonic dance floor—bridging the chasms between contending sectors of our universe… we sings songs of compassion and songs of […]


manic zen from deep within fusing sin with oxygen–possibilities writhe and morph revealing potent visions usually accessed psychedelically…i have seen vivid fractals unfolding before my closed eyes…i have felt tantric erotic power erupting deep inside… in this wretched moment civilization is at stake–but i am removed from the world of […]


a flame explodes into view, so emblematic of our rage…we rise up to reconstitute a nation that was built to conquer and enslave…these are florid and manic nights followed by meditative and introspective days–we are trying to reinvent ourselves as a tsunami that can cleanse all of this emotional pain…light […]


we first met in the months before our present political moment was defined–the post-election but pre-inauguration days of shock, rage, and fear…you caught my eye both physically and spiritually–you were a presence and an energy that i wanted to know more closely…your images captivate my mind–they inspire and animate new […]


you see us dance among you, but fail to sense our jedi powers in emergence—we conjure rites of love and liberation aspiring towards an all encompassing transformational resurgence…we sync our bypo minds through the meditative practices of erotic pleasure and service–I can’t choose my apocalypse squad but i can recruit […]


slap me across the face while we vogue in this non-binary place…life is a journey but never a race—we thrive in community, in love, and in grace…hold me down and tell me you love me—i want to see your entrancing eyes above me…this penetration is so potent you don’t need […]


its indictment monday and heads are rolling—its a perp walk of the privileged and our resistance is growing…we are fighting for regime change here at home—we are fighting for a future that justice and karma will condone…manafort is going down—flynn was booted out in disgrace…but we need more than the […]

AMMUNITION: erotic catharsis

guns can kill or preserve life—queered up punks reclaim the night…ammunition stocked in plain sight—aimed at the enemies of our karmic fight…finely-styled brothers in camouflage fatigues—proving their metal stoked up on speed…tunneling to zion and flying free—cosmic forces reemerge from the deep…te amo baby is what we cry—challenging state power […]


lovers dance and intertwine–karmic forces realign…sexed up thugs in femmed out drag–inspire batallions of dykes and fags…divas rising proud and queer–sensing that our time is near…fight for a future free from hate–fight to bring forth an anticapitalist age…i’m a carnal diva–i flaunt my style…anarchist chic paired with a jedi’s guile…it […]


so much ink has been spilled over the past week…about the abhorrent resurgence of overtly nazi agitation in charlottesville…the taking of a life far too soon–the loss of Heather Heyer still so visceral in our hearts…it has been a tumultuous week and I am grateful at least that a torrent […]