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You embody the erotic—your image is hypnotic We dance to a beat that is fierce and supersonic The fluidity of gender is radiant and chaotic Your epic sex presence is bold and tectonic   Scarlet couture encircles the pulse of your armature Embroidered lace amplifies your visceral seductive allure Magnetic […]


Sinuous arms attenuate Deep emotion articulates Our grinding dance celebrates We conjure love to conquer hate   Supple lace grips your thighs Seductive power amplified Gender norms redefined Unearthing shame and toxic lies   Your extending leg is visceral Compelling and deeply mystical We dance to drum beats scriptural Our […]


She commands the room… A presence so potent that hearts stop… Seductive curves and sinuous limbs arouse incite and inspire… Locking eyes with her lover she is radically honest—palpably tantalizing… Armies of men stand powerless before insurgent beauty… A beauty whose pleasure is reserved for the circle of tantric sorceresses […]


Centuries of oppression and rebellion—of pain and joy—eddy in the waters of time—pregnant with generations of our blood memories… Valkyrie choose the slain in combat—they choose whose blood flows to extinction and whose lives are spared… Black women carry the weight of our struggle in their bones—with marrow communicating routes […]


she slays with her looks—she’s estrogen butch she writhes with desire fueled by tantric touch   two lovers kiss, sharing breath so deep energy arises fueled by sacred chemistry   hormonal power surges deep inside amplifying feminist fire and lesbonic pride   we are striving to manifest a tantric underground […]


her voice soars, amplifying the resonance of visceral blood memories–echoes of primordial pleasure emerging to coat our writhing bodies in glistening sweat–echoes of days gone by when a woman pleasuring herself in a shower would have felt dirty and unclean…she is a sun dragon–a divine spirit channeling the reverberations of […]


she is a ninja of the night—a living angel aloft in flight…she is the mistress of sexual delight—and the arbiter of cosmic karma’s might…our sisters are rising proud—demanding solidarity…its time to shut patriarchy down—time for transcendent feminism to claim the streets…we marched for black women—we marched to uproot white supremacy…meaningful […]


platinum-clad ladies vogue at the discotheque–leaving all the boys pining–hard-wired horned and wet…we rock the dance floor pounding hard with no regrets…we throw elbows and claim our space turning tricks and turning heads…femmed-out men in full length skirts–queering power branding fame…making it seductive and making it work–ensuring that every street […]


erotic style–transgressive flare–hypnotic fire–synaptic glare– real men wear skirts–all boys should cry–the cure often hurts–the truth blends with the lie– butch or femme–black or white–gay or straight–queer phoenix burns bright– sex is sacred–love is fly–copulation transcends hatred–street artists rule the night– alt-right in power–neo-nazis on the prowl–its time to unite […]


so now the bigot-in-chief claims a mandate… after seizing the presidency based on an archaic constitution designed to defend human bondage… and some of our leading liberal lights now counsel patience… besieged but highly paid labor leaders pledge to work with the billionaire maverick on trade… but it is too […]

ARSENAL: a study in urban hieroglyphics

AGIT PROP street art HITS THE MIND hits the heart write it down MAKE IT POP make it rhyme MAKE IT ART I PAINT because i am LOVE AND HATE fast friends rockstar DO IT RIGHT went too far LOST THE NIGHT NEOLITHIC pancreatic SO PRODUCTIVE and emphatic hieroglyphics DEEPLY […]