criminal injustice

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The river black and matte like rubber urges me to think of the past Oceans of crime and centuries of grime dismembered by our magic at last   Nations of Black bodies ensnared by other Africans Sold as chattel to avaricious conquistadors and mercantilists The river bleeds red in memory […]


Waves of sex presence conjure a potent erotic solution You emerge from this sea of sentience yearning for revolution We resist the gravity of passivity—the mirage of this system’s illusions The kinetic storm connecting sea and clouds eradicates confusion   You transform and rewire the matrix of desire The surface […]


we are barricade freaks rocking prada in the street—we style our rage in platinum shades shining strong and rolling deep…the sacred healing we seek amplifies our quest for psychic peace—our erotic tectonics seduce the commanders of our dreadnought fleet…as barricade freaks we charge ferociously into the streets—we dodge rubber bullets […]


so its official—we are now the epicenter of this global pandemic…and we aren’t yet managing to even test everyone with symptoms…this is all likely to get exponentially worse before it gets any better—leaders of color have plowed the ground building networks for mutual aid and resistance—prefiguring the faintly visible outlines […]


good and bad-right and wrong…ancient mores transcribed in songs…queer and straight–trans and cis…we can find common ground as we rise and resist…war and peace fused together with orwell’s flair–we are living through an age of existential mortal peril…with so much myth uproooted and so many lies exposed–the question is what […]

INSURRECTION: a hard house anthem of resistance

we are the ones we’ve been waiting for—we are a people becoming an army knocking on destiny’s door…we aspire to become living gods or at least to become more—we throw down to the house beat driving our armored boots into the floor…cosmology and astrology conjure reborn numerology—like a symphony and […]


its indictment monday and heads are rolling—its a perp walk of the privileged and our resistance is growing…we are fighting for regime change here at home—we are fighting for a future that justice and karma will condone…manafort is going down—flynn was booted out in disgrace…but we need more than the […]

VIPER VIRUS: the matrix of evolution

infinitesimal but potent they control our minds—training nerves and synapses to fire deep inside…a toxic virus has arisen laced with systemic crime—distorting our collaborative nature and reenacting the lord of the flies…we are ruled by heartless robber barons—skilled only in legalized theft…their souls are sickly and barren—they are steering us […]


what is the meaning of independence day to the more than two-million incarcerated…a day to dance with brutal irony–a day to feel the burn of being isolated…some wounds never fully heal–leaving searing pain waiting in the wings…some scars send their roots deep–welding mind and body into a tortured being…in every […]


accepting rejection dissecting connection i seek absolution but crave affection alone in a jail cell trapped in a living hell pain my new master learning rules faster limiting creativity haunted by divinity battered by humility ready to live simply humiliated by reality shocked by my capacity still seeking evolution but […]