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Bass drives treble flies Fearsome beats mesmerize Seductive eyes tantalize Alchemy consumes my mind   You spin tracks touched by fire Captivating my desire Building power rising higher Activating time rewired   Your body pulsates with energy Reverberating with cosmic chemistry Salacious images inspire me Conjuring licentious poetry   You […]


House beats throb You move with fervent fire Your body armored in leather Pulsating with my desire   Illuminated by strobe light Your body glistens with synergy You dance joyous vitality Permeated by potent electricity   I write by my rivers Light reverberating the water’s surface Rippling with kinetic energy […]


You spin hard house Vibrating the club floor Cyberpunk to the core Our drug of choice is more   I seek the fire of recovery The sacred power of discovery Potent flames ignite my memory Reimagining collective destiny   We seek subterranean rhythms  Rhythmic throbs of revolution This magnum anthem […]


Your rhythm is percussive Insistent and seductive Your fire is diabolic Prophetic and destructive   You manifest as a demigod Your powers are tantric magic Angelic and ecstatic Your energy writhes emphatic   I am inspired by your image Inspired by sacred synergy This is infamy and alchemy Burning carnal […]


I imagine your energy Manifesting as a torus of light Reverberating translucent   Water coalesces in fractals Transmuting the erotic Signaling vulnerability Awakening transcendence   I imagine your powerful sinuous body I imagine your body in motion Animating the club floor   You fuse with the beat Merging with the […]


Your face is angelic Your body a prophecy I am learning your language I am designing our destiny   This is sacred alchemy It is a prophetic emanation We are vespers of justice We are an army of liberation   You are a queer vixen You are a prophet erotic […]


The presence of fractals Demands infinite respect I infer and extrapolate I bow and genuflect   This is a gate of the sacred A gate of the divine A gate for ancient goddesses Who fuck and intertwine   Just hold my hand Get ready to jump The dance floor is […]


Magnetic eyes electrified Conjure sacred carnal fire Imagining a matrix of desire Pandora’s box is opened wide   Water suffuses your seductive face You channel its power—you channel its grace A kinetic charge writhes and oscillates Aquatic depth: a vessel of fate   This is a dopamine clinic—it is seismic […]


Undulations of water amplify the power of your mind Undulations of energy manifest in the power of your grind You dance to celebrate your essence—the groove to which you unwind You are a pillar of my creative imagination—a sacred vesper for humankind   The seductive trance in your eyes is […]


Waves of sex presence conjure a potent erotic solution You emerge from this sea of sentience yearning for revolution We resist the gravity of passivity—the mirage of this system’s illusions The kinetic storm connecting sea and clouds eradicates confusion   You transform and rewire the matrix of desire The surface […]


Commanding the stage you dance away your pain… Subaltern powers arise projecting neon fractals through crystal rain…   Sanctifying pleasure you live to amplify joy and inspire… The modulation of gyration takes the dance floor higher and higher…   Viscous waves of tectonic fractals animate the mind… Orgasmic pleasure and […]


You tantalize and synthesize… You rise and fly and prophesize… You are a pin-up playboy with seductive eyes… You are a conduit for dreams waiting to be realized…   The energy that flows is infectious and potent… We conjure rites of passage and divine tantric potions… Your sex magic fuels […]


your eyes make me smile and your hips make me wild—this hard house pulsation leaves me hot, hung, and wired…erotic reverberations stomp, grind, and fly—you are showing me your divine spark, your chakras, and your third eye… i seek the guidance of my higher power and shed the illusion of […]


country twang meets harlem swing—an old town road to the world we begin…marinating and meditating—fornicating and innovating…enjoying the beat driving hard and synched—summoning the will to nurture and the will to resist…this poem is an ode to the dynamo known as lil NasX—he spits rhymes that inspire us to flip […]


manic zen from deep within fusing sin with oxygen–possibilities writhe and morph revealing potent visions usually accessed psychedelically…i have seen vivid fractals unfolding before my closed eyes…i have felt tantric erotic power erupting deep inside… in this wretched moment civilization is at stake–but i am removed from the world of […]


there is subterranean strength in your body and volcanic energy in your mind–this is a seismic cosmic moment when everything that happens is a sacred sign…we craft an epitaph for this system etched in rage, blood, and pride–i give in to my higher power and seek a creative serenity deep […]


limbs extend, attenuate, and bend–the scars of guilt and shame are healed yet again…we celebrate life and the powers arising from deep within–we are a sex positive armada and our epic style is heaven sent…this is an alien ballet pregnant with cosmic insight–our bodies contort in alignment with our higher […]


our world is in the throes of a collective spiritual rebirth—rebel armies conjuring godlings to imagine a sustainable place on this earth…the blood wolf moon brought karmic energy with love and rage interspersed—we are crafting our own destiny shaping emergent transformation that cannot be reversed…our new astrology posits that we […]

INSURRECTION: a hard house anthem of resistance

we are the ones we’ve been waiting for—we are a people becoming an army knocking on destiny’s door…we aspire to become living gods or at least to become more—we throw down to the house beat driving our armored boots into the floor…cosmology and astrology conjure reborn numerology—like a symphony and […]


a child star—a cosmic gift—left ensnared by celebrity’s kiss…a prophetic scream—a scream of hope and rage—dancing in ecstasy on the stage…brother michael gone far too soon—our world misses his passion, his genius, his croon…tortured by bigotry—scarred so deep…his life inspires while his body sleeps…a soul immortal—blessed with divine energy—the king […]


Drums beat bodies writhe Strobe lights seduce the eyes Teeth grind lips defy Controlling egos undermined Bass drives treble flies Little monsters dip and dive Boys strip grown men cry Drag queen divas rule the night Crafty hooks are cyber-wired Churning souls and touching skies Emotions soar as vocals rise […]


Some things are dangerous to remember Nights flying through streets Lights flashing—sending signals Time slowing—now racing Every corner a new portal Every cluster of people a new stage I played those nights for all they were worth Behind each tinted window I saw a thrill Those manic nights had power […]


A sea of humanity Taquerias and street food Dance with la zona rosa Cheap drinks, clubs, and dates Nights in the Roma Section That balcony where I smoked So many cheap Camels Mezcal and tequila energizing and enervating Plazas full of beauty and poverty People in rags begging for my […]


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