Battlestar Galactica

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You command with your eyes You command my desire Licentious forces arise Uprooting despotic empire   You are a priest of cylon breed Part human part machine Part vision part dream Amplifying this revolutionary creed   Diasporic rebellion surges Our hypermodern zeitgeist emerges The power of wakanda converges Crafting the […]


You are a juggernaut of energy—a magician of the psyche You convey hope, power, and presence in every sinew of your body You are nemesis of hate—nemesis of shame Inspiring your nascent armies, your leather bound torso screams your name   Cyclones of psychic power manifest and crescendo Cylinders of […]


The future of the future will still contain the past—your energy is like a tsunami igniting an erotic cosmic match…we never know what blessings we will find on this sacred karmic path—we dedicate our souls to creative liberation rooted in the present while honing our craft… I will be a […]


we are barricade freaks rocking prada in the street—we style our rage in platinum shades shining strong and rolling deep…the sacred healing we seek amplifies our quest for psychic peace—our erotic tectonics seduce the commanders of our dreadnought fleet…as barricade freaks we charge ferociously into the streets—we dodge rubber bullets […]


manic zen from deep within fusing sin with oxygen–possibilities writhe and morph revealing potent visions usually accessed psychedelically…i have seen vivid fractals unfolding before my closed eyes…i have felt tantric erotic power erupting deep inside… in this wretched moment civilization is at stake–but i am removed from the world of […]

FINE LINES: an aspirational manifesto for mental health liberation

like angels, we seek signs of evolving life at the end of the dank, dark, and isolating depressive tunnel like aztec warriors, monster queer muslim and sephardic cylon buddhas resist the proto-fascist cop-enforced kettle we seek solidarity and transcendent love: our sharpest tools in the quest to conquer our past […]


we walk amongst you incognito-our powers waiting to be discovered…we are evolving jedis in vitro—conjuring the ammunition we need to be heard…we are a neurodivergent army—subterraneanly wired to rise up…our cylon minds harmonize like a symphony—building a crescendo that your mind can fire up…our rebel tribe insists than another world […]


our minds teem with divine and sentient seeds—roving connecting bringing consciousness into being…psychiatry forces neurodiversity into boxes–consumed with pathologization and discredited logic…discreet diagnoses overlap and interbreed creating a world full of NEOs–we resist neoliberal hegemony and imagine new ways of sensing cosmic signals… psychosocial distress is a symptom of our […]

TRANSCENDENT POWER: the magical metaphysics of manic zen

breathing deep i feel my power—sensing my synapses hour by hour…in this euphoric place i see so much—the porous boundaries between love, lust, and trust…. manic zen is the name i have crafted for this state—i feel energy in every neuron that animates by brain…i focus the exponential energy flying […]

TRANSCENDENTAL FIRE: conjuring a life cult

i inhale nicotine so fiercely for moments of peace—stimulants and stabilizers keep me sane and offer moments of release… we fear the looming fascist order—we fight for the right of migrants to transgress borders… in this moment of capitalist barbarism we must seek solutions from deep within…the regime in power […]

FINDING NEO: a prayer for our living gods

the night is pregnant with possibilities aroused and penetrated by my manic brain…the joy is punctuated with urgency—and i am anything but insane..we are organizing with all our strength to uproot a totalitarian regime—we are fighting to amplify our many struggles using all of our arsenal deployed by any means…my […]


its 4 am and i am intoxicated by dopamine–generated by the thirst i feel to transform our world…in a few hours we will take the streets and let our beautiful banners unfurl…its the day before yet another mobilization and i wonder about the depth of our resistance… i wonder about […]


flying high on dopamine i see visions in the sky…hieroglyphics everywhere seducing my mind late at night…when i close my eyes i see wormholes to distant galaxies…we must resist the pathologization of our tribe’s neurodiversity…i dream in staccato rhythms–refueling energy for the day ahead…i am wired in deep meditation–or feining […]

PHYSICAL ATTRACTION: a meditation on trans and queer liberation

chemical reaction–a sweet satisfaction…orgasmic interaction–its physical attraction…we seek all our lives–for ones to love and to fuck…we harbor deep inside–the urge to rim and suck…expanding our conceptions of sex and of gender–has left the right apoplectic, fired up, and untethered…to my trans sisters and brothers i dedicate my life–i commit […]


In the beginning was the word And the word was death Or maybe life or death to all life And ADAMA was born Toy soldier of divine clay Neither man nor woman just fine in its way ADAMA was cleaved in two by fire Lightning strike from Zeus on high […]