black panthers

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You command with your eyes You command my desire Licentious forces arise Uprooting despotic empire   You are a priest of cylon breed Part human part machine Part vision part dream Amplifying this revolutionary creed   Diasporic rebellion surges Our hypermodern zeitgeist emerges The power of wakanda converges Crafting the […]


Your presence is electric Your fire is kinetic The pulse of libido is seismic It is transcendent and frenetic   You are adorned in black obsidian Accentuating your power   Manifesting as a prophet erotic Your eyes are hypnotic They are psychotropic flowers   We summon sacred spiritual fortitude Fueled […]


The river black and matte like rubber urges me to think of the past Oceans of crime and centuries of grime dismembered by our magic at last   Nations of Black bodies ensnared by other Africans Sold as chattel to avaricious conquistadors and mercantilists The river bleeds red in memory […]

MAGNETIC: anthem of seduction

Latin fire fused with crimson pride… You seduce and recruit with a flash of your eyes… Your aesthetic is scruff visceral and rugged… I imagine your fierce cuerpo in the arms of a lover…   Your sex presence is amplified magnetic and supersonic… Living in the moment you a flex […]


i am energized by attraction and by chemical reaction—i yearn for connection and for seismic satisfaction…this is a quest for transformation and for transcendent liberation—this is a cosmic journey traversing star systems in search of karmic libations…i see ebony and onyx animating the pulse of my desire—i see truth deep […]


we are barricade freaks rocking prada in the street—we style our rage in platinum shades shining strong and rolling deep…the sacred healing we seek amplifies our quest for psychic peace—our erotic tectonics seduce the commanders of our dreadnought fleet…as barricade freaks we charge ferociously into the streets—we dodge rubber bullets […]


manic zen from deep within fusing sin with oxygen–possibilities writhe and morph revealing potent visions usually accessed psychedelically…i have seen vivid fractals unfolding before my closed eyes…i have felt tantric erotic power erupting deep inside… in this wretched moment civilization is at stake–but i am removed from the world of […]


before we had a globalized system, we had globalized energy:  fires of wood or wax to which we made sacred offerings of rare shells, silver, or gold…before we had a world economy or planetary pandemics, we drew life and sustenance from the same sun and moon–we saw our fates and […]


my god is in the noticing–noticing the moment between when i start to breathe and when i feel the first rush of air into my lungs…noticing the energy and magic that surrounds us–evident in birds that flock and fungi who thrive on the toxins leached by other forms of life…noticing […]


black bondage, black pain–black pride, black rage…our people have been birthed through the torturous lacerations of whips and chains…fear is our enemy so trust in the divine–sacred powers heal historic wounds and bend the flow of time…whats mine is yours and whats yours is mine–unleash the godlike serpent writhing deep […]


slap me across the face while we vogue in this non-binary place…life is a journey but never a race—we thrive in community, in love, and in grace…hold me down and tell me you love me—i want to see your entrancing eyes above me…this penetration is so potent you don’t need […]


good and bad-right and wrong…ancient mores transcribed in songs…queer and straight–trans and cis…we can find common ground as we rise and resist…war and peace fused together with orwell’s flair–we are living through an age of existential mortal peril…with so much myth uproooted and so many lies exposed–the question is what […]


its indictment monday and heads are rolling—its a perp walk of the privileged and our resistance is growing…we are fighting for regime change here at home—we are fighting for a future that justice and karma will condone…manafort is going down—flynn was booted out in disgrace…but we need more than the […]


  whose streets—our streets—so said the cops while suppressing speech…black lives on trial—neo-nazis on the rise—such a toxic miasma of moribund white pride…a US base on holy land—a criminal alliance—suppressing palestinian dreams—a magnet for arab defiance…our world grows smaller—and increasingly imperiled—climate change is threatening—our social system is sterile…its time to […]


We rule the night Armed with paint Taking walls-scrawling names Plant a flag-say your piece Make it rhyme-make it deep Keep it real-RESPECT the street Cops on the hunt rolling deep Repressing speech suppressing peace Defending the sacred sanctity Of bourgeois private property Upset the cart-rise and fly Empires fall […]

A Short History of Racism

Dehumanizing African lives Rationalizing genocide Embodied in-law-enshrined in rites Consuming a nation riddled in lies It lives in every cop car Writhes on every cell block Seeps through Obama’s door Decimates Iraqi lives Animates the tea party Brain-dead proto-fascists Armed with three bad ideas But too shameless not to talk […]